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By Leon Stoljar

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Prose: Tupac is My Neighbour

Tupac is my neighbour, yes that Tupac Tupac is my Neighbour. Not my next-door neighbour, he lives across the road. But he’s not really my...

Beer Ads and Masculinity

For companies that sell alcoholic beverages, the advertising of the product has for a long time been a difficult line to walk. The...

Can You Predict An NBA Bust?

Will he be a Bron or a Bennett? Hasheem or Hakeem? Washburn or Mashburn? NBA scouts put vast amounts of resources into trying to predict...

Renegades: Born in the USA

Nowadays it seems everyone has a podcast. So it may have just been a matter of time before former world leaders work their way into the...

Graffiti in Canberra: Devient Creativity

By Leon Stoljar The word ‘graffiti’ comes from the Italian word ‘graffiato’ which means scratched, and refers to words or markings that...

Classic Albums: MM...FOOD by MF DOOM

Release Date: November 16 2004 I personally believe that Mf Doom is the greatest rapper ever to live. His complex rhyming patterns are...

Classic Albums: Illmatic by Nas

Release Date: April 19 1994 I’ve been thinking about talking about my favourite albums ever a lot recently, but I couldn’t think what to...

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